Fast & reliable infrastructure

We design and implement all our own physical network & server infrastructure. This reduces our dependence upon other providers, which allows us to provide a more reliable & fully redundant service to all of our customers.

Everything from our power supplies & network cards to our switches & routers are configured in redundant pairs allowing us to lose various items of hardware with no service-affecting problems.

Our data centre

Our servers are located within a London (United Kingdom) data centre. The data centre itself features a number of attributes designed to keep all equipment online 24/7.

  • Diesel generators and N+N UPS system for entire data floor with 1 week on-site fuel supply
  • N+1 air conditioning to guarantee control of temperature and humidity
  • Sophisticated fire detection & suppression systems
  • CCTV security system covering all entrances & exits from the building with 24-hour video recording and 24x7 onsite security staff
  • Biometric security access for all persons entering the data floor
  • Multiple fibre connections into the building


We use the best hardware available for the job in hand for our entire network & infrastructure. We utilise best-of-breed Dell and Supermicro servers configured with RAID and multiple power supplies when required. All hardware in our infrastructure is connected to at least 2 network switches which are configured with STP to minimise impact of switch or network card failure.

Our network

We run our own autonomous network (AS60899) which gives us complete control of traffic coming into and out of infrastructure. We connect with a number of tier 1 and tier 2 providers to ensure maximum resiliency and availability of all our services.